Monday, April 23, 2007

What is this country coming to?

If the war in Iraq, gun violence, and the Bush administration aren't enough! Now, certain elements in the candy industry are declaring war on chocolate. I had this brought to my attention going to Lynette's blog and literally moments later I got an email from this character.

If the evil forces of Hershey have their way, they will be able to manufacture a product that contains no cocoa butter and is made with diary substitutes. It will leave us with something that bears as much resemblance to chocolate as Velveeta resembles cheese. (Can we say cheese food, people!)

Life's comforts are few and far between these days, and allowing a one more group of greedy thugs to have their way is not acceptable. Go to and let the FDA know that you are not happy with the idea of screwing around with chocolate. You may think this is silly, but we've got ourselves into quite a bit of trouble already by allowing corn syrup to be substituted for sugar, and guess what, we are becoming the fattest country in the world. No one has looked into the possible ill effects of messing around with the composition of chocolate. The FDA is suppose to be there to protect our health not to give the green light to corporate greed. This may not bring about world peace, cure cancer or end hunger, but maybe if people start feeling like they can make positive changes on a small scale, it will encourage them to act on larger issues. Just a thought.