Saturday, September 01, 2007

Traffic safety

My pal La Simpatica has been having a tough time of it lately, so we went out to lunch together yesterday to discuss life's problems and get the hell away from the madness that is our place of work.

Our destination was on the other side of campus and you have to cross a couple of busy intersections to get there.

We had our lunch, mulled over our problems and got up from the table feeling a little better that we had had the opportunity to at least vent a little.

I am sure I have mentioned that La Simpatica is a very attractive woman. Guys kind of can't help drooling while they are talking to her and at one point an undergrad was making a serious attempt to get her out on a date. What I may not have mentioned is that she is also in possession of, for lack of a more elegant phrase, knockers. Whoever designs this womans bras deserves a Nobel prize for engineering. I'm impressed and I'm not even batting for her team.

At any rate. We got to the first of the very busy intersections which are now buzzing with lunch time traffic. Suddenly, SUV's being driven by straight guys who wouldn't touch the brakes if there was a brick wall in the middle of the road are slamming on the brakes, goggle eyed, grinning like idiots and wildly waving us across the street!

La Simpatica looks at me, smiles and says, "These big boobies will do it every time."

I think if the girl decides to change jobs she has a big future in traffic control.