Sunday, August 26, 2007

Happy Birthday RG

After a very quiet 3 days off, I took RG out for dinner for his birthday. Needless to say it was a very entertaining evening. I had intended to take him to my favorite neighborhood trattoria. I did not however have the foresight to check and they were closed for summer holidays. So it was off around the corner to another neighborhood spot for lots of carbohydrates in cream sauce.

2 glasses of wine later we were in fine spirits. I should point out that neither of us really drinks. You can imagine. We talked about families, men and general nonsense and I think RG had a good evening. As hard as it may be to imagine, the boy is even funnier in person than he is on his blog. Not that he doesn't have his serious side, but even when discussing serious matters he is one of those rare people that can keep his sense of humor about things.

It was a fine night after a rather oppressive weekend, so we ate outside and RG made sure to grab the chair facing the sidewalk so he could people watch. It was a great evening for sitting outside and watching the life of the city go by. Being old farts we also managed to reminisce about the bad old days when we were both much younger and gay life was, at least to our eyes, a bit more colorful. All the while people wandered past, presenting themselves for RG's appraisal. It's always nice when the world decides to cooperate.

Eventually the check came and fortunately there was no embarrassing moment with, oops, I don't have enough money and then RG suggested we head off for coffee to counteract the effects of the wine. We went to the Starbucks near the Landmark Center, a mall, office complex which back before the surface of the earth cooled had been a Sears. It is one of those post war buildings that while mass produced is actually quite handsome, and even if it wasn't, it made a great perch to watch all of the new college arrivals. We compared notes and came to much the same conclusions about everyone we saw pass by.

After a rather long period of brain deadening at work, the evening was a great remedy. After all what is better than sitting around with a friend and reviewing the past, checking out all of the new cuties and making a spirited attempt at digesting a big dinner.

Tomorrow it's back to the grind, but for tonight it was nice to have a summer evening like I remember good summer evenings being, back when I was younger and the world seemed greener.