Monday, September 03, 2007

Poorly thought out and disorganized

Gavin, over at Why Oh Why, is coming to Boston November 2nd for the weekend. He has posted about the upcoming trip and the best way to find cheap accommodations. I have notified a couple of other people and now I'm putting it out there for anyone else interested. This is all going to be poorly planned and completely disorganized weekend. RG and I are going to figure out some place that everyone can meet and mingle. (date to be decided) Other than that, you're on your own folks. Boston is a tourist trap, so there is plenty to do and I am sure that folks can all meet up with other bloggers and do things of mutual interest.

RG and Gavin are going to a Celts game. (I'd rather have root canal work without anesthesia) Monkey will be around and I will try and lure Mike out of his hiding place. Offers of food usually work.

Tater says he's going to try and come and Lynette hasn't made any promises, but she did say she'll think about it. (Come on Belle, you know you want to) If you want to come leave a comment and I will set up a post with a list of people who are going to come. Hope to see you!