Thursday, September 06, 2007

Brain dead

Sorry I haven't posted for a couple of days. My professional life has been a little overwhelming. I was supposed to be wrapping up my summer projects this week. I had carefully planned, scheduled specific tasks, deliveries and services so that things would go smoothly. The problem with this plan is that it involved other people. What has ensued is, to use a technical term is "a shit storm". I am currently trying to invoke the mantra "I will look back on this and laugh someday".

Pretty much what has been going on, is that I have been trying to put in place renovations around people. i.e. They are still in their offices and I am trying to install new furniture, improvements etc. around them.

It can work, as long as you manage to get everyone involved to work on a tight schedule.

It kinda didn't happen. In a big way. Oh, man!

Movers didn't show up on time. The painters showed up one day and prepped one space and the went AWOL for 2 weeks. Furniture deliveries didn't come in on time, installers evaporated into thin air. One office occupant had me reschedule his new carpet at the last minute.

You get the idea, I worked 10 hours on Tuesday, 9 yesterday and about 9 again today. So I really haven't had much energy, much less any functioning brain cells at the end of the day.

I should point out that while all this has been going on I have had to deal with all of the day to day operations as well, so it has pretty much translated into my not having a minute to myself.

The good news is that tomorrow is Friday! Saturday is Fens Fest which is the annual get together for my garden society and Sunday RG and I are suppose to get together and start plotting.... er that is planning for the arrival of bloggers in Boston the first weekend in November.

By the way, the reason that no one has heard from RG is that his computer died! We are hoping to get him back blogging soon, so all you fine folks can hear all about his sex life in lurid detail. Whether you want to know or not. Okay, so you all want to know.

Let us know if you can make it here to Boston to hang out for the weekend. So far it looks like Gavin will definitely be here and RJ at The Daily Blague, Helen, Lynette and Tater are going to try to make it and we are holding out hopes that the Farmboyz will be lured here as well.

In the mean time, pray for me. All right, laugh your asses off thinking about me being stuck in a bad TV sitcom. It's almost the weekend, I can take it.