Friday, June 01, 2007

Crazy making

I was over checking out Mangina Monologues new site. I noticed in his header he had "musings from the toothless wonder". In context, it brought to mind something my father does that drives my mother crazy.

When we were kids, if my old man cut the cheese he would blame one of us kids or the dog. But, occasionally he would come out with, "Speak to me, oh toothless one!" This. Drives. My. Mother. Crazy! After 60 years of marriage, it still gets a rise out of her. She can't just ignore it. She has to say something.

This caused me to reflect on habits of friends and loved ones that continue to irk me after many years of exposure. One friend I have known for 30 years now and is in every other way a wonderful human being, but I can't sit across the table from him when he eats. He chews with his mouth open. For me, it's one of those train wreck issues. I don't want to watch, but I can't help myself. Unlike Doris, I do not say anything, but it really does irritate me on some deep level.

What sends you off? Do you know someone who in spite of consanguinity or deeply held friendship or marital status have that one habit that makes you want to throttle them?