Thursday, May 17, 2007

Day Camp

Monkey and I have talked it over and we are going to hop on the Chinatown bus and head off to the big city for GB:NYC4. Well, actually we are going down for the day on Saturday to attend the picnic (weather permitting) at Sheep Meadow in Central Park.

The weekend long event is being planned by this guy. Aside from being a real looker, he is a very nice guy. I've never met Mark and Brian, but he has written back to me and said, come on down, and in general has been very welcoming.

So, we are getting ready to pack our picnic hampers, I am going to get a bucket of zinc oxide and a brush for Monkey. (he makes Betsy Saxe-Coburg look like she's from the 3rd world) I on the other hand, as it has been pointed out, tan if I stand in front of the refrigerator with the door open. We are hoping to bring along La Simpatica. (she who was formerly referred to as the office babe, but that moniker just doesn't do her justice) La Simpatica is not a blogger, but she's a girl who has a good time wherever she goes and I have every confidence she will be a welcome addition, though I'm not sure about the 3 inch heels in the grass.

While in the city I am planning on seeing this character, and I am also hoping to meet my hero, who assures me I'll really like these guys. It's a little overwhelming, as a Bostonian I feel pretty provincial. However, I'm pretty sure if I don't have a good time, it will be my own fault.

And Lynette, honey, don't you worry your pretty head, I'll take lots of pictures, though I think you should come on up. I've got a feeling you'd be a hit at the Eagle.

Now I have to start putting my outfit together, striped shirt and checked shorts or checked shirt and striped shorts. Decisions, decisions. At least I know I can never go wrong with black socks and sandals.