Sunday, January 28, 2007


I finally decided that I have to do something about the steady diet of boneless, skinless chicken breast, brown rice, plain yogurt and whey protein that I have been living on for the past few weeks.

Tonights dinner, pork roast. I pulverized some fennel seed with some salt and some garlic cloves into a paste. Thank goodness for the mini cuisinart. I then poked holes in the roast and stuffed the fennel, garlic paste into the little holes. It is currently roasting away and will come out of the oven when we have achieved 160 degrees internal temperature. In the meantime I am going to start on the cabbage, which once cut into a chiffonade will be cooked with some onions and cider vinegar until it is tender. I will finish it off with some sliced apples and apple cider. While it is not on my diet I will serve this up with egg noodles. It may not seem like much, but this is really living it up. I sort of wish I could still drink. A nice bottle of Orvieto would probably go really well with this, or maybe a rhine wine like gerwerztraminer. Oh well, I will have to be satisfied with the possible.