Sunday, August 22, 2010

Quick update

It's been a long time between posts and much has happened in Ganomeland. Aside from being crazy busy at work and not being able to find the time or the energy to write when I got home from work there have been other changes in my life.

After 18 years of living underground, I have finally moved out of the Ganome Lair and I am now living in the Ganome Aerie. Yup, I have moved to a 4th floor walk up. The view isn't much, facing the apartment building next to me, however the amount of sunlight I get more than makes up for it.

I have also given up being a Garden Ganome. The silly politics and other attendant aggravations of belonging to the garden society finally got to me. I realized last year that I was not enjoying spending time in my garden and that it was an onerous chore that I dreaded instead of an enjoyable pass time. It was a bit of a wrench giving up some beautiful plants that I had worked hard at bringing to maturity, however I gave one of my old neighbors permission to invade and pillage my plot, so I know a lot of them went to a good home and will be enjoyed.

Probably my biggest news is Rocco! I have always wanted a big, handsome, dark Italian in my life. It just turns out that for me a that means owning an Italian mastiff. After 18 years of not owning a dog, I got a Cane Corso. Actually, I had spent over a year thinking about getting a dog before I finally acted on it, so this hasn't been an impulse situation where I would probably wind up regretting my actions.

I think it helped that when I picked him up from the breeder he was this tiny adorable ball of soft fur. He was in fact so small I brought him home in a cat carrier! That was 3 months ago. He is now over 50 lbs. and growing fast. I have to admit, he has also grown on me as quickly as he has increased in size. But then he is a very personable fellow. Honestly, Rocco at 5 months has more friends than I have after 55 years. I guess it just proves that if you're cute, you're popular.

On the whole, the changes in my personal situation have seemed to land on the positive side. I like my new building and my new neighborhood. My building superintendent is very nice and not crazy. The area is perfect for owning a dog. There are lots of parks and lots of dogs. Actually, there are lots of dogs just in my new apartment complex, so it's a great way to meet the neighbors.

It ain't all beer and skittles, but life is moving along fine.