Sunday, November 16, 2008

We All Want The Same Thing

RG and I met up a little after 12 to head over to Boston City Hall Plaza for the Impact rally against Prop. 8. It was a gray day here, though at least it was in the 60's, so not too bad. When we got off the train at Government Center about 1:00 there was a fine rain, but for a switch the weather cooperated and it stopped pretty quickly. Our big question was "are the queens going to come out in the rain". And when we arrived things were looking pretty sparse.

However, suddenly we heard a lot of noise and the young rowdy people started marching in.

Though it is not really a REAL gay protest rally until the crazy Jesus people show up.

And more people showed up.

and more

RG was willing to venture thatat least 75% of the folks there were 25 or under. It made it pretty exciting and for added thrills aside from scoping the hotties, was that a lot of straight people were pissed off enough at injustice that they showed up too.

Here's State Rep. Byron Rushing addressing the crowd.

It made me feel pretty proud that Congressman Ed Markey, Congresswoman Nikki Tsongas, Congressman Richard Neil and MY Congressman, Mike Caupano and State Representative Byron Rushing all spoke. They all spoke and spoke well, though I have to give props to Ed Markey for firing up the crowd.

What was really amazing though, was that Impact MA was put together in 6 days by a group of college students and teachers. 6 DAYS! Even more amazing is that Impact which I can only characterize as an internet phenomena mobilized people in all 50 states to get out and make themselves heard. This movement also inspired our neighbors to the north to get out and speak up in support of equal rights in the U.S. Check our Canadian neighbors out on This.That.No Other. Go over and visit Tater to see some of the action in Chicago.

This being Boston, it's never too soon to get involved politically.

Where do we go next? The organizers here in Boston announced that there will be another rally in January (get out the long johns) I'm not sure where we are going to go next with this, but I plan on being there.