Saturday, September 06, 2008

Cashier update

I was back in TJ's today. I needed to pick up a few things so I set off in a hayfever induced haze, forgetting my glasses and my shopping list this week.

Food isn't even all that appealing right now so my efforts were a little eclectic to say the least. It should make for an interesting week of meals.

When I got to the check out line I got one of the regular cashiers who is a pleasant guy and my friend from last week was at the next cash register. I turned around and told her, "You are totally my hero."

Cashier: Why?

Me: I forgot my wallet last week..

Cashier: Oh yeah! Don't mention it. Actually I was thinking about you the other day.

Me: ?

Cashier: Yeah, I had a bunch of students in with their even more annoying parents. I was thinking "Where is that guy, so he can kick them?"

Me: I'll try and get a few on the way home.

Cashier: Go for the parents (makes kicking motion) they're the worst!

I laughed and thanked her again and headed out the door. Walking home I couldn't help but notice that there are still a lot of anxious parents about. WTF?? What is wrong with these people? They finally have the little monsters out of the house. Why aren't they running around the house naked and getting drunk celebrating? These people really need to get lives of their own and stop living through their children. I won't be at all surprised in the next couple of years if I see people pushing their college freshman around in strollers when they arrive in town.

This country really is going to the dogs.