Saturday, August 30, 2008

Make Way For Fucklings... again

Another sign that summer is over is that the students have returned to this college town of college towns. This sad fact was brought glaringly to my attention today when I was making my weekly pilgrimage to Trader Joe's.

The streets are packed with students, their over protective parents and various retailers who have their minions out on the streets shilling everything from bank accounts to deodorant.

I managed to fight my way through the bovine crowds to my destination, did my shopping and got to the cash register only to discover I had left my wallet at home. Trader Joe's is a pretty nice place to shop. The service people are friendly and helpful, unlike Shaw's where they are sullen and incompetent and Whole Foods where they are sullen and incompetent with that delightful soupcon of superiority. Anyhoo, the young lady at the register told me she would ring up my groceries while I ran home and fetched my wallet. I told her I'd be back in about 15 minutes. What was I thinking?

More like 25 minutes later, I was back running my bank card through the machine.

Me: I'm really sorry, I forgot about the students being back and you're not allowed to just kick them out of the way.

Cashier: Who said you can't?

Me: I think it's some sort of city ordinance.

Cashier: Oh, you're allowed to kick them out of the way. Especially if they are Berkelee students blocking the sidewalk with their guitar case. If they are with their parents, you get to kick the whole family. You get extra points. (pause) I get to say this now, because I'm not a student any more.

I love shopping in this store.