Monday, August 25, 2008

If you believe in fairies....

My friend and resident pain in the ass, RG is threatening to stop blogging. Needless to say this is not a happy day for many people. I mean sure, I get to have him drag like a saw across my last gay nerve in person, but I want to spread it around. I'm generous like that. I share. I'm a sharer.

Seriously, I hope RG reconsiders this move. I think that he has plenty to say (whether we want to hear it or not) and it may just be that he is in need of a lie down.

I took his snarkiness out to lunch for his birthday yesterday, and none of you are going to get a chance to hear his take on the cute young waiter who I definitely think was grooving on the birthday boy if our lad follows through on his threat. And the waiter, who we both thought was straight was definitely paying some attention to RG.

So maybe if we all put our hands together and clap, our own little X-rated Tinkerbell will come glittering back to life and entertain us with more of his prurient observations about the world in general and the male population in particular.

* Complain to the management. Send himself an email and tell him to get off his dead ass and start posting again*