Monday, July 21, 2008

Lions and tigers and foxes.....

I was doing a quick catch up on my blog reading when I came on a post over at This. That. No Other. It would seem that I am now legally sexy. Brett was mentioning an article in the Advocate about the phenomena of "Silver Foxes".

I will now be able to sleep at night.

I am waiting for the menz to start lining up at my door so they can take a crack at me.

Do you think that this is why RG says guys are always cruising me? (Note to self, take gaydar into shop and have it fixed so that I will start noticing these guys that are supposed to be cruising me.)

Maybe this will shut up everyone who's been complaining that my white beard makes me look too old.

It's a bit of a relief really, if I had to start dying all the gray hair so that the carpet matched the drapes, I'd go broke keeping myself supplied in product.