Sunday, June 01, 2008

More flowers

Yesterday threatened rain all day, without delivering. Finally, last evening we got the thundershowers that we had been promised. I trotted out to the garden this morning to see how a little rain affected things.

The poppies are poppin'! My oriental poppies are really letting loose and there are still plenty more buds. And my shirley poppies have sent out their first scout! I love field poppies. There is something delicate about them and they are pretty ephemeral. But while they are blooming, they are like little shreds of red, orange and pink silk floating around the garden.

As far as color goes, I needed this. Things are pretty heavy on the purple and blue side right at the moment. So having some nicely clashing orange and red is refreshing and my yellow rose is starting to open up. In a few more days the yarrow should be adding a nice cluster of yellow as well and I am hoping that in another week, the New Dawn rose will be doing its thing lending soft cream and pink along the fence.

I put in marigolds this year, so once those boys get going, I should have some nice vibrant yellows and oranges.

All in all, late spring is well on it's way and I am looking forward to seeing how things work out this year. So far, so good.