Friday, May 23, 2008

Long weekend

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood! This morning has started off chilly, but they are predicting that it will finally hit 70 and as the weekend progresses the temperatures will climb.

At long last. Perfect timing too with the long weekend coming up. In a way, I begin my long weekend a day early with the Uberboss out of the office. It has been calculated that we will have 90 hours Uberboss free, from when she headed out early yesterday, til she comes back on Tuesday.

My own exciting plans for the weekend? I will be kicking the long weekend off by seeing Whizzin with RG and C tonight. From what I hear, it's suppose to be hilarious and I am looking forward to spending some quality time with friends.

Other than that, it will probably be a quiet weekend. Some gardening, where hopefully I will see Mike and maybe get a burrito in at El Pelon.

After all the excitement of last weekend I am up for a little quiet time. I stopped by the garden for quick peek on my way into the slave pits. Things are looking pretty good, though there is plenty of weeding to be done and I have to work on my paths. I may see if I can get C. to let me put a bag of shit in his car this weekend, since the weather is suppose to be dry and with luck I will be able to find a bag that is sufficiently dry and lacking in liveliness that it won't offer to drive.

So, aside from reducing the size of Mt. Laundry and perhaps trying to beat back some of the encroaching clutter in my house, I am looking forward to spending 3 days of not doing anything unless I feel like it.