Sunday, March 02, 2008

Playing Catch Up

Sorry I haven't been posting for the past few days. After I was feted and recognized I was sent back to work and with Monkey out on leave, work has been a bit hectic. Like actually requiring my attention instead of killing spare minutes blogging. There haven't been many spare minutes.

In the news for me. I have been slaving at work as I mentioned, slaving at the gym which goes without saying and sleeping and trying not to eat everything that comes to hand.

I did get a rather handsome check from work for my award.

Then the government put their hand in my pocket. Then I went to my dentist, Dr. Hunky and about half of what the government left me disappeared. On the bright side, Dr. Hunky doesn't do anything unless it is necessary and while I know I need to have 3 more teeth crowned, he didn't schedule the next tooth, so I am assuming that these are not pressing. Have I ever mentioned that I love Dr. Hunky or what a good dentist he is? 'Cause he is.

Then my faithful Nokia brick has become ill. I love this phone because it is so ugly no one will ever steal it. It was at the time the cheapest phone available and has survived being dropped, kicked, bounced and on one memorable butterfingers occasion flying across the room into the wall. It has done what I want out of a phone. Make calls, answer calls, send text messages and receive text messages.

However all good things come to an end and a couple of the buttons seem to be getting "soft" which I gather is the term. The problem is that my carrier no longer carries any of the cast iron cell phones that I prefer. So I had to go off to the internet to find an unlocked phone that will work with my carrier. I managed to find an old model of Nokia that the vendor claims is still in the original box. That however was a few more bucks. Le sigh.

The rest I have shoved into my savings account as seed money for my upcoming trip to NYC in May.

However not all is doom and gloom. A couple of days after the ceremony, one of my co-workers sent me a couple of pictures that she took at the ceremony. She used to sell suits at Filene's a now defunct department store that we had here in Boston. She is the person who recommended the tailor that managed to fix the suit so that it actually fit, since all clothes seem to be cut for those who are a little wealthier in waistline, or so it seems.

My reaction was, "Wow, the suit makes me look like I have shoulders!" One of my co-workers who was standing there when I opened my email said something to the effect of, "Dude, that is how you look."

Ever the Doubting Thomas I decided to take a picture with my beautiful new camera when I got home from the gym today to see what I really look like.

While I will be the first to admit that the padding in the shoulders really helps, I also am feeling like all those dead lifts are starting to pay off. I actually have lats! Who knew?

As you can probably tell, since Tuesday, my life has been so exciting that I have been reduced to talking about my workout. On the bright side of the workout, I think I got cruised by a really, and I do mean REALLY handsome man. By handsome, I mean handsome. Not pretty. Not cute. Handsome.

I'll let you know if I work up the courage to actually speak to him the next time I see him.

Hopefully, life will get a little more exciting and spring is coming so I will be able to once again bore you all to tears with pictures of my garden. Speaking of, I have to sit down with the White Flower catalog and decide how I'm going to squander the gift certificate from The Niece.

Later guys, I gotta do some shopping!