Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Mrs. Astor's horse

Today is the day of the big ceremony. I am in full business drag. Okay, so I wore cowboy boots, they cost more than the suit and the tailoring combined. Give me a break already.

So far, it's been pretty amusing. I walk through Back Bay every morning which is one of the most expensive neighborhoods in Boston. I am in my usual work dress which is generally speaking jeans and whatever else I have thrown on to make myself decent. If I have the nerve to smile at any of the people out walking their golden retrievers they will give me stink face in return.

This morning, as I wandered down the street on my lawful occasions, I smiled at people and they smiled back. Asshats!

Well, I survived and managed not to trip walking across the stage. Here are a few pics of me in all my glory. The captivating female in one of them, is my buddy La Simpatica who you've heard me mention. Ain't she a doll?

It was a nice ceremony. They actually kept on schedule, so it didn't drag out. The speakers were actually good. The person who introduced me read from the letters he had received regarding my nomination which was kind of face burning, but in a good way. A lot of people from my department showed up and made lots of hooting and hollering when I went up to get my award.

They put on a nice spread and there was even a jazz band. Neither the food or the music sucked which is very unusual in my experience. I got congratulated all around yet again. The main conspirators all showed up. They were pretty pleased that I had gotten all decked out for them. Right down to the topcoat and a fedora, which is pretty fetching if I do say so myself. It also turns out that we have a spy in our midst. I got an email from one of our former undergrads congratulating me. It turns out a friend of hers is in the grad program here. So, I am hoping that I will get to see her when I head down to NYC in May and have the chance to catch up with her and see how she is doing in her post college career.

Work wise, the day was kind of a wash. I have a feeling it will all gang up on me tomorrow. But that's fine. It turned out to be a very nice day and I really do feel good about things right now.