Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Office party

I managed to survive the office holiday party. Actually the food was good. As a non drinker I didn't mind so much that they started to run out of beer in the first hour, though it was too bad. Our faculty at the best of times need all the help they can get in any social circumstance.

Overall, it ranked about 5 on the utter boredom scale. The poor soul who had to organize the thing I did feel bad for. She had had to cancel the event last Thursday because of the snow storm and reschedule for tonight. The food was good and there were a couple of real cuties from the catering company wandering around, but I have to say, the Math Dept. does not do holiday parties well. If this had been an English Dept. when I was younger most people would have shown up half lit, and when the booze started running low, some of the faculty members would have pooled some money and sent out for more.

However I don't think you can really expect too much from work parties anymore, so I am happy that I managed to get myself seen by the Department head and the HR officer so that I was out of there in under an hour.

Only 3 more days and I have a long weekend which I hope to spend with friends enjoying myself. I might even have a drink.