Tuesday, September 25, 2007

I Win!

I was having one of my discussions with Monkey. We were talking about embarrassing childhood purchases and obsessions. He was telling me about some particularly hideous glasses that his mother bought for him when he was 11 because he liked them, which had resurfaced in the family attic.

"I'm surprised they are still around. They were hideous in the 1980's when they were new and they're hideous now." The glasses in question are lavender and shaped like tulips. "I mean for god's sake, I was still playing with unicorns when she bought them."

The mention of unicorns made me remember troll dolls which I first became aware of over 40 years ago and which as a little 'mo. They were one of those weird phenomena of the time and for some reason a very popular toy with children of both sexes. I collected them in the obsessive manner of children immersed in the latest fad. I started to tell Monkey about this.

"I should have known I was gay at the age of ten. I said, "Especially since I made clothes for them."

Monkey just looked at me dumbfounded for a second and then said, "Okay, you win."