Sunday, July 15, 2007

Weekend in review

I started off my morning chatting online with Glenn. I was running a little late, so I figured the leisurely approach would suit me fine. Finally, I decided that I should get my shit together and go water the garden and yank out a few weeds. I planned on spending an hour and then heading over to Starbuck's to meet Wahz. (I know, I know, but he likes the place and goes there every morning) However, weeding is like eating potato chips. Just one more. Also the garden was in desperate need of a good soaking. We haven't been having terribly hot weather, but it's been dry for a few days now and it's been hot enough. Though, today really seemed to be trying to make up for the fairly moderate weather we've been enjoying. It wasn't ALL that hot, mid 80's, but the humidity more than compensated. You know you're in trouble when you can see the air. And it's kind of grey. Oh, yeah.

With one thing and another, 4 hours of my life slipped by, without me noticing. Then it was off to the Ganome lair for a hot shower and a yummy lunch of protein shake. Mmmm mmm! God I have to find a better way to keep my weight down! Then I hied off to Trader Joe's. Sticker shock was to be my lot. I didn't buy anything extravagant, however, if you want to eat fresh vegetables and food that doesn't consist of high fructose corn syrup, and 100% artificial flavors and ingredients the meter can really start cranking over.

The pay off is that I have what I hope will be a very yummy seafood salad with calamari, shrimp, scallops, sock eye salmon, oil cured olives, red bell pepper, scallions, asparagus and yellow bell pepper with a vinagrette dressing. This ought to represent 3 or 4 meals. This may sound like I was just asking for it at the cash register, but I would not have done any better at the local Shaw's which in most cases is actually more expensive and besides which, the store just plain sucks.

All in all, as usual, the weekend went all too fast. Actually, this summer is going all too fast. Tomorrow, it's back to the grind. For the moment however, I am going to relax and savor my last few hours of freedom. I've got a couple of books begging to be read. There is plenty of music waiting to be listened to. So a little relaxation seems to be in order. Tomorrow will be here soon enough.