Saturday, March 10, 2007

the missing meme

I was on my daily blog crawl yesterday when I pulled up Alexander Chee's page. He posted about participating in a meme. It is a list of scene's for a movie about your life, you create the soundtrack by pulling up iTunes and setting it on random play to create the soundtrack for the movie. For the hell of it, I tried it out, writing my songs down on the back of a grocery receipt. (I stop myself from ranting about the cost of living) and included a few of the more amusing or strange ones in my comments.

Unfortunately, Alexander has created a link so that people could see this list on my blog. The list is currently in the trash somewhere. I would have tried to retrieve it but I cleaned the cat box. 'Nuff said. Therefore in the interest of promoting silliness, I have decided to recreate this experiment, though I have to say I am really hoping I will get "It Should Have Been Me" again for Wedding. Okay folks, here goes nuthin'.

Opening credits: Country Down to My Soul, Lee Roy Parnell

Waking up: The Tiki Bar Is Open, John Hiatt

First day at school: Laudate Dominum, Rachmaninov, Vespers, Op. 37

First Love: Noche De Farra, Celia Cruz Y La Sonora,

First Couple Song: Fallin’ Apart, The Tractors

Breakup: Ferma briccone, dove ten vai! Don Giovanni

Prom: Overture, Don Giovanni

Driving: Goodbye, Emmy Lou Harris

Flashback: You Are Everything, Patty Loveless

Coming out: If Teardrops Were Diamonds, Dwight Yoakam, Willie Nelson

Leaving Home: Walkin’ After Midnight, Patsy Cline

New Love: Hope You Like The New Me, Richard Thompson

Wedding: We’ll Get Over, The Staple Singers

Birth Scene: Op. 102 No. 5 (The Joyous Peasant) Mendelssohn

Final Battle: I Got to Let You Know, Los Lobos

Death Scene: Rose Marie, Don Walser

Funeral Song: Do’ve Lucia, Lucia di Lammermoor

Final Credits: Wicked Rain, Los Lobos

I am still trying to tease out what the plot would be on this one. Though I love the idea of showing up at the prom and having something as threatening as the Overture for Don Giovanni going through my head, considering what all high school social occasions were like. Hope You Like The New Me, for new love? What does that conjure? Frankly, anything from Lucia di Lammermoor for funeral music suggests I probably will come to a bad end at my own hand, driven mad by lost love. What I am getting largely is that my musical taste is all over the map, and quite possibly that I need professional help.

I will accept any and all plot lines for this one, for my part all I can say is that this is what comes of having 9.4 days worth of music in your iTunes files.