Wednesday, April 08, 2009

A Piercing Look

Last summer I was chatting with one of the other gardeners over in the old Fenway Gardens. I had been sweating away for a while and by that point had my shirt off. A mutual friend stopped by. When he saw me he did a double take and said something to the effect that I was ripped. "You should get your nipples pierced!", was his final judgment.

Now as a matter of fact, when I was a much younger and more carefree Ganome and had much more disposable income, I had had my nipples pierced. I had gone about in this happy state for several years. Then I got quite ill and wound up in the hospital for a week. One of the many drawbacks to my hospitalization was that they made me remove all jewelry. By the time I was back home, the piercings had closed up.

As memory serves, the actual piercing process was not a pleasant experience and was not one I felt I wished to repeat. But the idea stuck with me. Over the winter, I was visiting my dentist, Dr. Hunky and we were talking about tattoos and piercings and he evinced some surprise at my undecorated condition. After I got home I contacted and old friend who used to be a piercer to ask her advice on anyone that was reputable around town. She gave me the name of a shop and I sat on the information for a while longer. I was not particularly anxious to relive my past experience, but the idea of having pierced nipples with the novelty of actually having pecs was very tempting.

Finally by the end of the winter, the combination of boredom, tax return money and what must have been a desire to return to my former state of stainless steel decoration won out. I headed off to Chameleon in Harvard Square.

I wound up meeting an nice young fellow named Owen who did the job. It was quick and relatively painless. No one was more surprised than me. You can see the results. I've heard that body piercing is so 1995 and no one has it done anymore. This pleases me no end to hear. It's always better to march along on your own than to follow the crowd. Whatever the case, I feel like I have worked far to hard to develop some actual pecs, so I'm gonna have fun with them.

Maybe it's time to start saving for more tattoos.