Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Blossom Dearie

You may or may not have heard, Blossom Dearie passed away Saturday. I remember first hearing about her as teenager, reading "The New Yorker" in the library at my high school in rural Vermont. Blossom Dearie gave me a vision of a city that was far more exciting and sophisticated than the cow town I was living in. Eventually, I landed in Boston which, while more exciting and sophisticated than Bomoseen Vermont, none the less fell short of Manhattan. Almost 40 years have passed since I first heard Blossom Dearie but her voice still brings back a small part of a 15 year old sitting in a high school library dreaming of an exciting life in the city.

I think the song I will always remember best is her rendition of "Satin Doll". I couldn't find that particular song on Youtube, so instead this is Ms. Dearie singing an Irving Berlin tune.

We'll miss you Blossom.