Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Turkey Trot

It's been an interesting day. I was waiting for the bus in front of Beth Israel. I was just sitting there spacing out gazing into the traffic when I thought I was beginning to hallucinate. Walking across Brookline Ave. was a wild turkey! He was pretty unfazed by people or traffic and made a rather majestic progress, stopping traffic.

Once he gained the other side he surveyed the situation, strutted across the sidewalk and hopped up into one of the planting beds and began foraging.

Now I have city eyes and can ignore just about anything when I am walking down the street. But a 3 foot tall turkey, that must have weighed 30 lbs was kind of hard to ignore. However, my guess is that a good 80% of the people walking down the street didn't even notice him.

Lest this turn into the all bird, all the time blog, I did get some other pictures of springtime Boston.

College kids out crewing on the Charles.

Trees starting to bud and even blossom out, along the river.

And Magnolias starting to do their thing. It's finally starting to look like spring is really here. The weather is suppose to not absolutely suck for the next few days and I am almost moved to be optimistic that winter is finally over. Of course now that I've said that, we'll get 2 feet of snow. This is New England after all.