Thursday, March 20, 2008

Make me virtuous... just not yet

I had a check up with Dr. Fred. Aside from some bursitis, which is going to require some physical therapy, it would seem that I am in great shape. The only caveat was that my cholesterol is slightly high. I know that I have been letting the diet slip lately, so it is really just a question of getting back on track. I am pretty determined that after getting my weight down and lowering my cholesterol enough that I was able to get off the cholesterol medication and I don't want to go back. So it's back to the diet.


La Simpatica's mother, who is a lovely woman, is the enemy of the waistline of those she likes. It's almost Easter, and Nonna has been making Pizzagiana. I might add, not everyone gets pizzagaina. You have to rate. I rate. We were in a staff meeting and Nonna leaned over and whispered to me. "I brought you pizzagaina." I had pretty much forgotten about Easter, till these fateful words reached my ear.

In case you missed the post about this last year, pizzagaina is a lovingly prepared, combination heart attack and stroke, baked in a pie form that is a traditional Italian Easter pie. You gain 10 pounds if you just walk into the same room as the thing and if you look at it, at least 3 major arteries close down for business. It's wonderful!

Monday will be here all too soon. I am going to start up my diet again. Pay attention to the amount of fat I am letting myself consume. Make sure my green vegetable and fruit intake increases. Cut out the junk I've been sneaking and step up the cardio. I will probably get a little more focused because I am going to have to go through physical therapy for the shoulder and that should help keep me on track.

That way I should be in good shape for next Easter. You only live once!