Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Good morning

While I usually spend my time like a good portion of the rest of the world bitching about things, I have to say today has started out well.

Yesterday, I was feeling pretty crappy and was convinced I was coming down with a cold. I blew off the gym, slept in and wound up coming in late for work. (Late for me, as in on time and not an hour early.) I dragged through the day and managed to make it till 5 o'clock at the office. I went home, fed the cat, made myself eat something and collapsed.

This morning against all expectations, I woke up feeling pretty darned good. I managed to get out of the house on time, hit the gym, chatted up the other Anthony that works our there, who aside from being handsome as all hell, is also a nice guy. I had a good workout.

Stopping at my regular coffee shop, I was as usual, greeted by the pleasant young lady that works there. We talked a little more than usual, and she told me that this would be her last week of working in the morning and that she was looking forward to sleeping in the morning. She also hastened to assure me that the fellow who was coming back would take good care of me. It was just a pleasant, friendly exchange. It reminded me of why I frequent this place and what living in the city can be, if people put an effort into it.

I then headed off to Park Street Station and as I was coming down the stairs I saw a train on the platform, I picked up my pace, though I was pretty sure that I wouldn't make it. A woman on the train saw me and moved to hold the door. I put a move on, and darted into the car, making sure to thank her.

All in all, it has just been a pleasant morning. Nothing extraordinary. Just pleasant. People have been courteous and even helpful. I have been able to step away from my usual ground state of mistrustfulness of my fellow creature and instead respond appropriately. It makes a difference.

I don't think that I am embarking on some perfect day and that little bluebirds and small woodland animals are going to pop out of nowhere and start singing in harmony and performing choreographed routines on my desk. I feel pretty confident that the day will bring its irritations, but it's nice to also realize that sometimes if you put some effort into it, you can say good morning and mean it.