Wednesday, August 01, 2007


I thought I'd better post something today. I have received a couple of concerned comments, emails and this morning RG called me at my office to make sure I was still alive. Basically, I am just feeling craptastic. Nasty, possibly, sinus related unwellness. My head is probably going to explode and I have been having unpleasant fits of lightheadedness. No smart remarks about lightheaded!

If I can clean some of the cotton out of my head, I will post about lunch with a friend and the return of the date-from-hell. Also I can probably talk about tapas, near sex experiences and manifesting daddylicious at inconvenient times. Once my head has cleared and the sound of the keyboard stops making my head feel like it is going to split open, I will see if I am able to recall any of the events of the past week and give my invaluable perspective on what's been going on.