Sunday, July 01, 2007

Cure for the blues

Well, they've managed to piss me off, which has been a great cure for the funk that I had allowed myself to get into.

I got up Friday morning in plenty of time to go to the gym. I got there, right about on time, maybe a minute or 2 past 6. But, Eddie, our faithful front desk guy was late. That did not piss me off. Eddie usually is not merely on time, he usually will let us in a bit early.

No, pissedoffness came in the form of some buff assclown. I found myself waiting with one of the regulars who I see just about every morning. We were chatting and these 2 characters come up. One being Mr. Buff Assclown and his friend Mr. Desiccated Yuppie. Buff Assclown says something about "Is he always late?" The regular and I look at each other and sort of mumble something about how Eddie usually has the doors open early.

"Well, he's batting 3 and 0 with me!" was the response.
This kind of ticked me off, because I've been using this gym for about 2 years. I go usually 5-6 times a week and I am usually there at opening time. In all that time I have never clapped eyes on Assclown.

Eddie shows up about 5 minutes late, apologizing. He had called the assistant manager to let him know he was running late and had asked Mike to open the doors for him. No harm no foul as far as I am concerned.

The morons get on the elevator with me as I headed down to my locker room, and were giving me the look that as far as they were concerned they had scraped more acceptable things off the bottoms of their shoes. So taken were they with their display of disgust that they neglected to push the button to get off on the level with the machines, and rode down to the basement level where we lesser mortals have our lockers. This also seemed to be an annoyance since I had not read their minds and intuited that they wanted the machines and not the free weights.

I changed and went up to the machine room to pre-exhaust before I hit the free weights. This is when they really worked grandpa's last gay nerve. These guys were using one of the cable machines so I went over and set up and used the other one. I did one set and then went over to use the parallel bars to do some dips. When I started back to the cable machine my new friends had decided that the machine I was using was for some reason much better than the equipment that they had been using. I really didn't feel like getting into it with these 2 bozos so I used the machine they had abandoned. I finished my set on the cable machine and started to head back over to the bars. Guess what? That's right, they were over there. Once again I improvised. This kind of went back and forth until I headed down the stairs to the free weights. Fortunately, free weights seem to be something that happen to other people.

I actually had a pretty good workout. I shook the dust of these two mooks from the Ganomish skirts, and then it was off onto the city streets where a larger than usual number of morons crawled down the sidewalk, managing to move as slowly as possible and block the entire sidewalk in their glacial progress. I managed to get past all of the wide loads, hit my usual coffee shop and was down the stairs of Park Street Station. Actually, I was half way down when the next aggravation transpired. I got to the top of the stairs to the Red Line as a train disgorged it's load of commuters, all of whom packed both sides of the stairs not allowing anyone to descend. I fought my way down the stairs and reached the platform just in time to see a nearly empty train pull out of the station.

During the 15 minutes it took for a Alewife train to come the platform filled and finally when the next train pulled in, it was a)packed and b) the air conditioning was out. I finally got to work and Monkey came over to my office to say good morning and ask if we should try for a quick smoke before the day began. He then said something about reading my post and asking how I was doing since my post was sounding pretty glum.

"I'm fine, today. I just had a whole bunch of people piss me off and it snapped me right out of my funk!"

So, to all of the assholes that aggravated the living piss out of me first thing Friday morning, I say a hearty thank you. You actually do serve a useful purpose.