Friday, April 20, 2007

Life is Strange

Recent weirdness.

Some guy on the train with a bible open to Leviticus using a yellow highlighter. He's obviously looking for all the really juicy sins.

Talking with the manager of my gym about one of the creepier members.

"He never actually works out. He just hangs around naked in the locker room, making the other members uncomfortable. If he gets yelled at for bothering people in the steam room, it's because we're discriminating against him. If no one will pay attention to him when he's trying to hit on them in the steam room, or they won't let him play, he complains that people are having sex in the steam room and he's being discriminated against." My question is, does he think he's being discriminated against for being gay or just for being a pest.

At work my boss comes in.

"We're having a departmental meeting tomorrow. I want you to explain your new duties to everyone in a few words".

I float a few suggestions. "Yeah, that kind of thing, that sounds good."

I just wish someone would explain to me what my new duties are.

The news of Virginia Tech has, not surprisingly, turned from being news to being shameless rubbernecking on the part of the media. It's all angling for "human interest stories" and sensationalism.

I had a check up with my doctor. It seems that I am in obscenely good health. So as some sort of practical joke, I almost immediately come down with a cold upon leaving the doctors office.

One of our IT people demonstrated how to twiddle your thumbs while holding a can of Coke as an example of multitasking.

One of our faculty members who couldn't master it, then gave a juggling demo.

It almost makes me feel as though I spend my time here productively.

I was telling a friend that I made an impulse order on Amazon for a somewhat pricey and not necessary book. He told me he was saved from making a porn purchase because of web glitch. Sometimes we need technology not to work to save us from ourselves.

I don't have much to say for myself, but life seems to continue on around me.