Thursday, September 07, 2006

Blog block

My brain is behaving like an over stimulated 5 year old. It is running around throwing tantrums and refusing to go to bed and really needs to be sent off for a time out, because it just can't focus.

Goodness knows there is plenty to write about. The wedding follies and the latest atrocities commited by my family. The horrifying behavior of the newly arrived students in Boston. The stupidity of the T here in Boston and the nightmare that is being created by the transition to the Charlie system, not to mention the amount of litter being created by the stupid paper tickets. Some observations on the hazards of socializing. A couple of how did I get myself into this situations that are working themselves out for better or worse and I am sure there is more, but like I said my brain refuses to focus. It is jumping up and down on the sofa and screaming "I won't, I won't, I won't!" So until I can convince it to sit quietly and, well, think I'll just have to settle for posting this photo I took of the early morning sky near the New England Life building. It's about the only time I have ever thought that this particular architectural monstrosity has ever looked good.